Damage to a Hurricane kayak is most likely to occur from over-tightening the kayak when securing it to a trailer or roof rack. If youre heading to my neck of the woods any time soon, I think we could arrange a test paddle of each. Youll want four points of contact connecting the boat to the vehicle. The Eddyline Skylark has proven to be a very stable, easily maneuverable, and wave-worthy craft. This is a bigger job, but one that a professional can do. Aside from their lightweight builds, the dry storage hatches of these sit-on-tops set them apart from others. @Medawgone said: It's also a touring kayak. Casual anglers also love the spacious designs and fish-friendly features of Hurricanekayaks. The rear tankwell has been redesigned to maximize storage capacity and also has an additional stern hatch for added . 116 SPORT. Length: 14' / 427 cm. Solid ABS bulkheads fore and aft, plus an easy open rear hinge-hatch and comfy thigh pads . Attach lines from your vehicle to the bow and stern for added safety and peace of mind. This article will help you choose the best Hurricane kayak for your paddling goals. The Delta 14, 15.5 GT and 17.5 (Tandem) kayaks fall under this category. The best prices and service. @Medawgone said: Bring a dog, a camera, the groceries, and don't forget the fishing rod. Its simple beginnings in Old Town, Maine, in 1898 had them entering the canoe market as a manufacturer of canvas-covered wooden canoes. The Sport models of these kayaks boast an oversized cockpit to accommodate extra gear, a pet or even a small child passenger. Follow the links below to start viewing specifications, prices and reviews of specific Hurricane kayak models in our Paddling Buyers Guide. Not too much trouble to do. No glue slop - seams nice and straight, cockpit coaming and hatch lips all glued in properly with no leakage at the seams. Not so handy for hitting submerged logs or rocks, but Im sure it helps it track better and perhaps gain some speed with less corrective strokes needed. Use this as a start, and remember that online research will only get you so far. Delta focuses more on touring kayaks, although they also make quality recreational kayaks. This technique uses less (and lighter weight) material and allows for more refined shapes (and a shinier, eye-catching finish) as compared to rotomolded kayaks. Kayaks hold their value well, especially if they have been cared for. Hurricane kayaks sealed bulkheads (interior walls within the hull that ensure flotation if the kayak swamps) add a layer of safety that isnt found on most big-box store kayaks, and their candy-colored glossy finish is a treat for the eyes. Most Hurricane kayak dealers are east of the Rockies in Canada and the USA. Finishes & fittings are top notch. Of the 5 or 6 Hurricane boat I have seen none had glue of the outside of the hull where the deck and hull meet. Length: 10'9" (327.7 cm) 30" (76.2 cm) Weight: 40 lb (18.1 kg) Capacity: 250 lb (113.4 kg) The Caribbean 109 is the lightest among Eddyline's sit-on-top kayaks and one of the most lightweight sit-on-tops on the market today. Not launching it off rock cliffs or dragging it on a rope down a RR grade to a put in, but the occassional bump or drag across some shelly or rocky beach wont ruin your day and send you to the repair bench. Eddylines recreational kayaks are sit-in style, which gives additional control as the paddlers legs engage with the kayak. As it is - I cant be sure its worth anything without paddling it to see if it tracks straight or not. Dagger kayaks are found anywhere there is whitewater to be run. Just curious, if you can share your thoughts on the quality (stiffness in the water, durability, resistance to impact/scratrches) of the material used on Eddyline and Hurricane kayaks. Award winning designs that make paddling in all water conditions a breeze. The foot braces felt solid. Hurricane kayaks currently makes the Prima and Santee recreational kayaks in 11- and 12-foot lengths, along with a 14-foot tandem. Although Hurricane kayaks have a UV-resistant coating, continuous exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods can make the plastic brittle, weakening the hull. I'm deciding between the Eddyline Rio and the Hurricane Santee 116, and I drive an old sedan. I think Sissy has a skimmer String, not sure on the size. To me a touring kayak should be able to hold gear and track well while it carries that gear. Hitting the bottom left only the slightest of scratches viewable with proper lighting. THIS awesome kayak should not be listed as a recreational kayak only. The best way to know if an Eddyline kayak is a good fit for you is to try it out. Not sure if that matters, but the bottom flexes up a bit too easy compared to my Tempest 170 or the fiberglass P&H Outlander I have, when I push on it with my hand with the boat upside down. I sat (did not paddle) the Eddyline Fathom and it felt extremely well built and sturdy. But it is prettier. Today, Eddyline has adapted their expertise in building whitewater and sea kayaks to expand their lineup to include recreational, sit-on-top and fishing kayaks as well. Fast, streamlined, and lightweight, Eddyline Caribbean 120FS will bring simplicity and fun back into your kayaking experience. The seat is removable and doubles as a beach chair. The easiest way to start searching for used kayaks is by sifting through online classifieds. I got mine with a rudder and Im glad I did. There are many different formulas and processes. Designed for smaller paddlers, Eddyline Rio packs serious performance and great features in an easy to handle, lightweight package. That should tell me what I need to know. Eddyline kayaks are made of their proprietary Carbonlite material, developed from ABS plastic. ABS is flammable when it is exposed to high temperatures, such as a wood fire. Follow the links below to view Eddyline kayaks in our Paddling Buyers Guide, where youll find important information like specs, reviews, prices and where to buy. SorryI dont know. This fishing-outfitted version of Eddyline Caribbean 12FS offers comfort, efficiency, and an essential set of features for anglers who appreciate paddling as well as fishing. Hurricanes Sport models boast a larger cockpit opening than Eddylines recreational kayaks, making them a good choice if youll be paddling with your pup or if you have limited mobility but want a sit-inside kayak. Also check the function and condition of all outfitting, such as the seat, back rest and foot braces or pedals. I think Sissy has a skimmer String, not sure on the size. Eddyline Kayaks manufacture and sell touring, recreational and sit on top kayaks that are lightweight, high performance and maneuverable. Can anyone compare these SOT? Use the dealer locator tool to find one near you. Within these categories are some different models and sizes to choose from as well. Eddyline calls the material Carbonlite 2000, Hurricane uses Trylon. Carbonlite vs TrylonFrom what I understand from reading on this forum, at least some components of Eddylines boats are manufactured by Hurricane. Length: 139 (419 cm)Width: 22.5 (57.15 cm)Weight: 43 lb (19.5 kg)Capacity: 300 lb (136 kg), Length: 153 (464.8 cm)Width: 24.5 (62.2 cm)Weight: 50 lb (21.8 kg)Capacity: 400 lb (181.4 kg), Length: 165 (503 cm)Width: 22 (55.8 cm)Weight: 50 lb (22.5 kg)Capacity: 340 lb (154 kg). I do not feel that these boats are an apples to apples comparison. The light weight is indeed nice and it would be used mostly as a day boat (not much storage, especially in the bow, and the construction was not confidence-inspiring for rough use). The only down side to the pronounced keel on the Eddyline is that I had to modify my kayak cart with some extra foam to get a good fit. You can view the specific dimensions of each Hurricane kayak in the Paddling Buyers Guide. Still, dont forget that you get what you pay for. New paddlers will appreciate the intuitive handling of the boats, while experienced kayakers will recognize the carefully crafted designs. Let's look at the company's full model lineup. Great boat, very fast, not sad one bit I made this choice. Youve got it all wrong. As a result, expect to pay more for an Eddyline kayak. The styrene gives the plastic a shiny, impervious surface. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about Hurricane kayaks. Current Designs makes rotomolded plastic kayaks as well as ultralight Aramid composite boats. Current owner my not know that, if it is a second. The Vector was a little easier to spin because of the flat bottom, but Im learning to carve turns anyways, so not a big deal. Consider setting up an email alert to be notified when one is posted. Compared to Hurricane kayaks mostly recreational lineup, Eddyline has more touring-oriented options like their Sitka and Fathom kayaks, all of which are longer than 13.5 feet. Inspiring paddlesports participation through quality coverage of the people, places, adventures, boats and gear, trends and events that make paddling something you'll do for the rest of your life. Serious damage can occur if the kayak is not secured properly. These boats are often for sale, and you may be able to get some reductions off the sticker price while being able to not only try the kayak, but also talk to an expert. Perception makes rotomolded plastic fishing, recreational and sit-on-top kayaks at an entry-level price point. Alex loves kayaking, fishing, and all things outdoors. Hurricane kayaks was founded in 1998 by a group of paddlers who set out to make lightweight boats that recreational kayakers would love. Wilderness Systems makes kayaks that can be paddled, pedaled or motor-powered. They are designed for adventurous paddlers who want to paddle in advanced conditions or take multi-day trips. So I flipped it over and sure enough, the "nose" (the front most part of the bow, may be 2-3 feet) was curved to one side. Not sure if that will be of much consequese in calm water as most of the curved area would be above the water due to the rocker, but in waves or currents it would make the bow track to the right. The Fathom also has better initial stability, IMO, which I prefer. .. . It is 6 lbs heavier. Top picks: Best Hurricane kayaks for 2023, Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association, The Great Canadian Kayak Challenge & Festival, Best Kayak Brands For Fishing, Sea Kayaking, Touring & More, Lightweight Touring Kayak Review: Hurricane Kayaks Sojourn 135. In summary, I dont think its fair to say these materials are all completely different but its also not accurate to say they are all the same. Ive not paddled either, but the pronounced keel on the Eddyline would give me pause. In either case, it's going to be potentially impossible to re-enter the . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We may vacation up your way, this year. But, the hull shape seemed like it would be very nice on the water and the seat/cockpit were just perfect fit for me. It is a bit wider, than the S18S you owned. Fathom vs. Tracer 165 A good manufacturer tries to minimize the problems, but its the job of the consumer to be on the lookout for flaws when you are contemplating a purchase. Good Luck with your quest. And check your e-mail for a message from me on your Craigs list ad. I may never be able to keep up but Id like to try. It could be that Carbonlite is more expensive than Trylon; they are basically the same. Length: 109 (327.7 cm)Width: 30 (76.2 cm)Weight: 40 lb (18.1 kg)Capacity: 250 lb (113.4 kg). Make sure the kayak is completely dry before storing it. Hurricane categorizes their kayak offerings as Recreational, Sit-on-top, Day Touring and Fishing. Compared to other kayak brands, Eddylines land in the mid-range. If you want a sit-on-top kayak thats lightweight, fast, and looks awesome, this is your boat. The following Eddyline kayaks have received the highest star ratings by reviewers in our Paddling Buyers Guide. The volume of this kayak fits larger people best. loads of volume, I thought of many snooty ways to voicemy opinion here. Both are good boats. There was a thread a couple of years ago when they talked about the Carribeans handling: https://forums.paddling.com/discussion/1910405/lighter-sot#latest. Can anyone compare these SOT? Eddyline also takes elements from their more advanced touring boats, like bulkheads, and incorporates them into their entry-level models. With a premium open floor plan that features a large rear . This day touring model has cargo space in the spacious bow and stern hatches for a weekend camping trip. Hurricane kayaks are made in North Carolina. Boats are like cars - some come off the assembly line in perfect condition, some come off with problems. After smashing off the tail gate and the truck extender, it crashed onto the concrete ramp and skidded down the rocks and crashed to a stop at lakes edge. I called a dealer and asked if I would fit in the Tracer. But it is prettier. If you cant see any, it doesnt hurt to ask the owner how theyve stored the kayak. These paddles possess a radiant translucence in sunlight that is highly visible and exceptionally beautiful. Additionally, do you think a roof rack is necessary? It will boil, then burst spectacularly into intense, hot flames., I find it interestinghow closely matched some of the designs are from these two companies: I think that would not be a problem at all for most paddling, but will be noticeable in waves. Budget is a factor, especially if I get the more expensive Eddyline. Hurricane vs Eddyline. Eddyline Sandpiper 130 is Eddylines most comfortable sit-inside kayak. Weve also got some tips for buying used kayaks and answers to common questions. Rough water handling ------I had the Eddyline on Jackson Lake in Grand Teton Nat. If youre able to track down a secondhand Hurricane kayak, you can score a gently used, high-end kayak for a similar price to that of a new, lower-end polyethylene kayak. The Caribbean 109 is the lightest among Eddylines sit-on-top kayaks and one of the most lightweight sit-on-tops on the market today. Fathom is worth the money. It all started in the backyard of Derrers house in Colorado, where Tom started building his first whitewater kayaks from fiberglass. I picked out these models because the performance seems good enough for me to be safe in ocean bays and sloughs, but also light enough for me to handle on my own and easily store. In this guide, we provide an overview of Eddylines lineup, along with some buying advice and links to more reviews and information on specific kayaks. Also, the owner IMO exaggerated how little use the boat had ("5 times in a local lake"). While the cost of producing ABS is roughly twice the cost of producing polystyrene, ABS is considered superior for its hardness, gloss, toughness, and electrical insulation properties. For paddlers concerned about weight, Hurricane builds some of the lightest recreational kayaks available. I started with a Necky Vector 13 (no longer made) and Ive had my Eddyline Caribbean 14 for a year. Eddyline Caribbean 14 FS. This new "Relax" hull is tuned to maximize your day on the water no matter whether it's your first kayak outing or you're practically a pro. I got mine with a rudder and Im glad I did. This is an opportunity for us to really think about the type of uses that enticed us to get into the sport. Their multi-chine hulls have a series of flat surfaces and defined edges, allowing more experienced paddlers to confidently and securely put the kayak on edge by subtly shifting their weight, thus turning more efficiently. They spent a pretty penny to set up shop. If any replacement parts are needed, they can be ordered through Eddylines website. Or possibly they only took the kayak out a handful of times and realized it wasnt the sport (or the kayak) for them. DO NOT put Acetone or Paint Thinner or any solvent that damages ABS plastic on your kayak . I own both a Tracer and an Eddyline Fathom. However, it will be degraded (dissolve) when exposed to acetone. Choose an Eddyline kayak if the touring models catch your eye. The two pieces are then chemically bonded together for a watertight seal. Reading expert reviews will allow you to evaluate how each kayak handles and how it performs for the intended paddler and conditions. They feature a more extensive line of sit-on-top kayaks than Eddyline. Bonafide Kayaks in 2023: Model Lineup and Reviews, 3 Waters Kayaks in 2023: Model Lineup and Reviews, NuCanoe Kayaks in 2023: Full Model Lineup and Reviews, FeelFree Kayaks in 2023: Full Model Lineup and Reviews, Crescent Kayaks in 2023: Full Model Range and Reviews, Sea Eagle Kayaks in 2023: Full Model Lineup and Reviews, Jackson Kayaks in 2023: Model Lineup and Reviews, Perception Kayaks in 2023: Full Model Lineup and Reviews, Best 10-Ft Kayaks for Fishing and Recreation [2023], 11 Best Kayaks for Big, Large and Heavy People: Top Rated 2023 Models for Fishing and Recreation, Best Kayaks for Lakes: 10 Top Lake Kayaks Reviewed. Describe your paddling goals, and take the kayak out for a spin to make sure it fits and performs asexpected. Length: 14 (426 cm)Width: 29 (73.5 cm)Weight: 50 lb (22.5 kg)Capacity: 350 lb (158 kg). I have a friend who has a lot of experience with both. Windy conditions developed on the paddle back. Wilderness Systems Pungo 140. Hurricane kayak prices start at $1,000 USD. Going to need a rocket , to keep up with Al, Pat and the rest of the Lake Hartwell crew. The Sojourn hull shares the reassuring stability of Hurricanes recreational kayaks, while stretching the waterline for better speed and efficiency. Moisture damage is often indicated by mildew inside the kayak, stick your head inside the cockpit and hatches and shine a light to check. The Sandpiper 130 has a large cockpit making getting in or out of the kayak a breeze. Caribbean 109. She is an out of condition, rank amateur older paddler. Just like any kayak you are considering, it is crucial to try before you buy. Head to your nearest Eddyline dealer and chat with one of the staff therethey know boats. What are some important questions you should ask the seller? Finishes & fittings are top notch. With an extremely efficient hull shape perfect for accelerating and carrying speed, as well as making tight turns and carving through the water, the Eddyline Fathom is an excellent boat for any level of kayaker looking to enjoy and develop their touring and sea kayaking skills. It ismade by polymerizing styrene and acrylonitrile in the presence of polybutadiene. Have not noticed the hull flexing but it may be. no, thats BSEddyline was the first in the industry to do ABS thermoformed kayaks. When he's not out there in the wild, he's probably typing away at his laptop or trying to be the world's best father for his two lovely daughters. They are still made in the U.S. at Eddylines production facility in Burlington,Washington. Eddyline kayaks are very durable due to the thermoforming process and impact-resistant materials used in the construction. Thanks. Where Eddyline kayaks are manufactured in Burlington, Washington, Delta builds their boats near Vancouver, British Columbia. Acetone eats all ABS plastics, so dont use it to clean thermoplastic kayaks. Price is an issue for me as you may have seen from my e-mail -;) and I feel that a Fathom may be in my future as well, when I get enough $$$ and if I confirm that it fits me well (had concerns where the thigh braces touch when I tried it). In this case, repairs may need to bedone. Eddyline kayaks are finished with a UV- and abrasion-resistant coating that will protect the boat from most impacts. EDIT after some more rolling - the Tempest 170 definitely restricts my ability to lay back - some resistance in my loewr back, need to arch a lot to touch the deck with my head, compared to a boat like the Necky Chatham 17 for instance, where I have no resistance and can lay flat without any strain. Fathom is worth the money.Had my Fathom since April and used it a lot. 100% made in the USA, their kayaks are known for uncompromised quality and great stability. #1. Thank you for supporting us! Equinox vs. Tampico 135L. She said "no way". I am most interested in speed and handling in rough water. I could have gotten a different cart, but I like mine, so I modified it. Ask the owner how and where it was stored. The Phoenix 160 is slow, like the Tarpon 160. This lightweight super-stable model has set a high bar on styling and comfort in an attractive array of colors that are enhanced by creative lines and curves that can be found from bow to stern. http://www.stellarkayaksusa.com/S16S-surf-ski. Looks a lot like an apple to me. But the overal range is similar I agree - just like every car manufacturer has a range of cars, but can you compare a VW GTI with a Chevy Aveo, except for size? Unfortunately, theres no simple answer. These kayaks are outfitted with comfortable foam thigh braces under the cockpit and adjustable foot pegs. They landed on the thermoforming construction method because it produces light, strong and beautiful kayaks. On each Skimmer, youll find a roomy bow hatch for storage, with smaller center and stern hatches on longer models. The Skylark is 9.5" longer from the bulkhead to the front surface of the seat back (54.5" vs. 45"), much greater than the difference in overall length. Hurricane thermoforms the decks & hulls for Swift Kayaks and ships the raw forms to Swift. Smaller boats may fit into the bed of a pickup truck, but it isnt ideal for anything longer than 10 feet. Hurricane kayaks are also high-quality thermoformed kayaks. If youre heading to my neck of the woods any time soon, I think we could arrange a test paddle of each. Good Luck with your quest. Kayaks hold their value well, and expect to pay anywhere from 50 to 80 percent of the new sticker price. The main difference between Eddyline and Wilderness Systems kayaks is the construction. While companies like Eddyline have worked out nearly all of the problems with the material more recreation oriented companies like Hurricane Kayaks have produced less than top notch products ie: the Tracer 16.5 & 15.5 which I also paddled and found to have an unacceptable amount of flex throughout the entire boat, effecting its performance. As for the flex, my deck does flex a little. I agree with most the comments made on this thread - that the Fathom is a better boat, but its also more expensive. @Yanoer said: Then the multi-chined hull on the Santee 126 is the boat for you. 25/ fev. That being said, a used Eddyline listed at its original sticker price is too expensive. Similarly, minor damage or wear to outfitting like seats, seat backs, foot pegs and bungees is often easy to fix with replacement parts or even supplies from your local hardware store. Choosing to buy used means you can get a quality kayak for less. However, you may find old stock of these fishing kayaks, or track one down on the used market. To set the record straightEddyline makes their own boats from start to finish. Since 1968, Sea Eagle have been designing cutting-edge inflatable boats. Made in the U.S.A., Crescent kayaks are known for solid quality and great paddling performance. Eastern North Carolina is home to saltwater marshes, inland swamps, warm-water millponds and many other fantastic places to explore. Most passionate paddlers will be happy to regale you with their kayaking tales and where the boat has taken them. The advantage of ABS is that this material combines the strength and rigidity of the acrylonitrile and styrene polymers with the toughness of the polybutadiene rubber. Today, their inflatable kayaks are used and loved all over the world. Browse every Eddyline kayak and find prices in our Paddling Buyers Guide. Length: 146 (445 cm)Width: 23.5 (59 cm)Weight: 49 lb (22 kg)Capacity: 350 lb (158 kg). Second kayak after a Cabellas Emotion Guster angler 10 ' , which was a decent boat but somewhat heavy. The Vector was a little easier to spin because of the flat bottom, but Im learning to carve turns anyways, so not a big deal.

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